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Advice to new students - COFA 'Insights' Collection

In this video, COFA staff and students discuss their expe... 18 Dec 2013, 3 views

COFA Talks - Sexing The Agenda - Highlights

Sexing the Agenda, a special issue of Artlink looking at ... 16 Dec 2013, 189 views

COFA Talks - Making Change - Highlights

Making Change is an exhibition of innovative, change-maki... 15 Nov 2013, 163 views

Drawing for Visual Communication - COFA 'Insights' Collection

COFA staff and students discuss visual communication, and... 01 Nov 2013, 460 views

Research and Creative Practice - COFA 'Insights' Collection

COFA Staff and students describe the role research plays ... 31 Oct 2013, 668 views

COFA Talks - Whatever Happened to Photography_Highlights

In this COFA Talk, three speakers discuss the photographi... 31 Oct 2013, 322 views

COFA Talks - Reconciliation is a two way street - Highlights

In this COFA talk, three speakers discuss the nature and ... 09 Aug 2013, 427 views

COFA Talks - Art in The Aftermath of War - Highlights

ANZAC day is when we remember those who served and died. ... 25 Jun 2013, 512 views

Presentation Skills - COFA 'Insights' Collection

The importance of visual and verbal presentation skills ... 28 May 2013, 1,428 views

COFATalks_Designing for Change_Highlights

What is the role of design in making a sustainable future? 15 May 2013, 547 views

Experimentation and Reflection - COFA 'Insights' Collection

The importance of experimentation and reflection in the a... 17 Apr 2013, 1,204 views

Paul Topolos: Drawing as Process - Drawing Research Group

Paul Topolos describes life drawing as a touchstone to hi... 10 Apr 2013, 598 views

Paul Topolos: Partly Cloudy from Pixar - Drawing Research Group

Paul Topolos comments on the continuing fascination cloud... 10 Apr 2013, 320 views

Paul Topolos: Journey to Pixar - Drawing Research Group

Paul Topolos reflects on his passion for paper, and his f... 10 Apr 2013, 337 views

COFA Talks - Cultivating Urban Ecologies - Highlights

Dr. Kerry Thomas and Visual Arts teachers discuss high sc... 04 Apr 2013, 233 views

Documenting Process : Visual Diaries - COFA 'Insights' Collection

The role and importance of visual diaries in documenting ... 21 Mar 2013, 2,083 views

Fully Online Art & Design Masters Program, COFA UNSW

Study a Masters in Art & Design Online. 05 Nov 2012, 14,860 views

COFA Talks - Vaughan Wozniak-O'Connor - Art and Its Context

Vaughan shows us around the Blacktown Arts Centre. 17 Oct 2012, 417 views

COFA Talks - Wenmin Li - Remarking / Remaking: Making it Happen

Wenmin explains how the Remarking / Remaking exhibition c... 16 Oct 2012, 441 views

COFA Talks - Abdullah Syed - Remarking / Remaking: Beyond the Diaspora

Abdullah discusses the Remarking / Remaking exhibition. 16 Oct 2012, 335 views

COFA Talks - Muamer Cajic - Remarking / Remaking: Twisted Pairings

Muamer talks about some of his featured works. 16 Oct 2012, 371 views

COFA Talks - Sophia Kouyoumdjian - Parramatta Artists Studios

Sophia Kouyoumdjian shows us around the Parramatta Artist... 04 Sep 2012, 692 views

COFA Talks - Belinda Hanrahan - Bringing Art to the Shire

Belinda Hanrahan talks about community engagement in The ... 04 Sep 2012, 590 views

COFA Talks - Sam Marshall - MCA: The Redevelopment

Lead architect Sam Marshall plots out the redevelopment o... 29 Aug 2012, 848 views

COFA Talks - Elizabeth Ann Macgregor - MCA: A History

Elizabeth Ann Macgregor explores the history of the MCA. 29 Aug 2012, 807 views

COFA Talks - Glenn Barkley - MCA: The MCA Collection

Curator Glenn Barkley takes us through the MCA Collection. 29 Aug 2012, 783 views

Kevin Rudd visits COFA!!

On May 18, 2102, Hon. Kevin Rudd visited COFA to receive ... 10 Jul 2012, 1,242 views

COFA Talks - Gene Sherman and Janet Laurence in Conversation

Janet Laurence discusses her current installation with Dr... 29 May 2012, 840 views

COFA Talks - Janine Cahill: Essences of the Future

Janine Cahill looks at how to turn art into innovation. 07 May 2012, 1,857 views

COFA Online Cracks the MERLOT

Learning To Teach Online, a video-based program from UNSW... 02 May 2012, 2,997 views

COFA Talks - Grant Young: Design Thinking for Social Innovation

Grant Young outlines a method for social innovation throu... 02 May 2012, 3,983 views

COFA Talks - Mickey Kovari: Art, Design and Social Enterprise

Mickey Kovari talks about social enterprise through art. 30 Apr 2012, 1,396 views

COFA Talks - Jill Bennett: The National Institute for Experimental Arts

Jill Bennett talks about the National Institute for Exper... 26 Mar 2012, 1,552 views

COFA Talks - Michael Kempson: The Induction Into the Cure of Souls

Michael Kempson reflects on his experiences as an artist. 26 Mar 2012, 842 views

COFA Talks - Ian Howard: COFA - Past, Present and Future

Ian Howard explores the history of COFA, and introduces u... 21 Mar 2012, 1,624 views

COFA Annual 2011 - Fine Arts

Fine arts for the next generation! 25 Jan 2012, 4,295 views

COFA Annual 2011 - Digital Media

The new look of digital media! 25 Jan 2012, 3,524 views

COFA Annual 2011 - Design

The future of design is here! 25 Jan 2012, 4,254 views

Vulpus Vulpus

A two-legged wolf progresses from outcast to hero of the ... 16 Jan 2012, 355 views

COFA Talks - Tega Brain: Coin Operated Wetland

Can a wetland be partnered with a laundromat? 07 Dec 2011, 780 views

"Curating Cities" Gets a Royal Launch

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark ... 22 Nov 2011, 2,878 views

COFA Talks - Alan Krell: The Dreadful Prankster

Alan Krell talks about his new book, "Burning Issues". 08 Nov 2011, 2,017 views

COFA Talks - Ross Harley: A Gesture Against the Erasure of History

Ross Harley talks about his efforts to preserve the histo... 01 Nov 2011, 1,358 views

COFA Talks - Ian Howard: Physical Barriers, Virtual Freedoms

Ian Howard talks about the psychology of walls and barriers. 25 Oct 2011, 2,109 views

COFA Talks - Susan Best: Visualising Feeling

Susan Best looks at minimalist artists throughout the las... 25 Oct 2011, 1,477 views

Design Week - Jacqueline Clayton: Ceramics and Sustainability

Jacqueline Clayton talks about the issues facing ceramics... 17 Oct 2011, 1,870 views

Design Week - Duncan Underwood: Digital Design for the Future

Duncan Underwood talks about ethical design in the digita... 05 Oct 2011, 1,721 views

Design Week - Heidi Dokulil and Liane Rossler: Design, Community, Sustainability

Heidi and Liane talk about community engagement for susta... 05 Oct 2011, 1,702 views

Design Week - Richard Goodwin: In With The Old, Out With The New

Richard Goodwin proposes a new model of sustainable design. 04 Oct 2011, 1,496 views

COFA Talks - "Can Art Change How We Feel About Refugees?" Part 1: Shakti Sivanathan

Shakthi Sivanathan isn't sure art can truly change our pe... 27 Sep 2011, 591 views

COFA Talks - "Can Art Change How We Feel About Refugees?" Part 2: Guido Gonzales and Saif Jari

Guido and Saif talk about sharing their refugee stories. 27 Sep 2011, 722 views

COFA Talks - "Can Art Change How We Feel About Refugees?" Part 3: Claudia Chidiac

Claudia Chidiac talks about theatre as a medium of storyt... 24 Sep 2011, 567 views

COFA Talks - "Can Art Change How We Feel About Refugees?" Part 4: Paula Abood

Paula Abood looks at how art can be used to express the a... 24 Sep 2011, 822 views

Design Week - Rod Bamford: Design Solutions for Society

Rod Bamford looks at design practices in today's society. 24 Sep 2011, 1,371 views

Design Week - Rachel Baker: Phenomonology of Space

Rachel Baker talks about the phenomonology of space. 20 Sep 2011, 1,427 views

COFA Talks - Steve Weymouth: Caricaturing Motion

Steve Weymouth on the perception of the animator. 19 Sep 2011, 1,175 views

David Trubridge: Inspiration and Genetic Mutation

Is David Trubridge the Darwin of design? 19 Sep 2011, 1,643 views

Soheil Ashrafi: A New Determination of Language Dimensions

Can one font communicate two languages? 14 Sep 2011, 1,542 views

Dr Kevin Murray: Collaboration Across Borders

What are the ethics of collaboration across borders? 31 Aug 2011, 1,345 views

COFA @ Underbelly Arts: Complicit

A robot versus Petra Gemeinboeck, Liz Williamson and Rob ... 24 Aug 2011, 3,396 views

Design Week - Janet DeBoos: What is a Collaboration?

Janet de Boos asks what is meant by the term "collaborati... 23 Aug 2011, 1,455 views

Design Week - David Trubridge: Collaborator: Traitor or Ally?

David Trubridge explores what it means to be a collaborator. 23 Aug 2011, 1,867 views

Design Week - Dr Kevin Murray: The Ethical Turn in Design

Dr. Kevin Murray talks about ethics, design and society. 18 Aug 2011, 2,334 views

COFA @ Underbelly Arts: Brad Miller

How is technology changing the way we remember the world? 09 Aug 2011, 1,910 views

COFA - Activate The Future

09 Aug 2011, 1,202 views

COFA Talks - Tom Melick: The Politics of Aesthetics

Tom Melick talks Ranciere and French postmen. 25 Jul 2011, 1,725 views

COFA Talks - Iain McCaig: The Art of Visual Storytelling

A career in animation, story telling & film concept design. 25 Jul 2011, 43,392 views

COFA Talks - Astra Howard: In Action

Astra talks art, action and research in public spaces. 06 Jul 2011, 1,317 views

"Scenario" - The Future of Cinema

Enter the fractured fairytale world of "Scenario", an imm... 07 Jun 2011, 8,107 views

Michael Garbutt: The Great Debate

Michael Garbutt talks about the downside of being 'designy'. 07 Jun 2011, 2,740 views

COFA Talks - Perspectives on Curating & Programming: Beyond the Edge of Elsewhere

Who would've thought curating and programming could be a ... 24 May 2011, 7,968 views

Omnium Outreach: Das Manila

Take a walk down the garden path and into a project with ... 12 Apr 2011, 1,666 views

COFA Talks - Ian Howard: Fences, Walls and the Quixotic Gesture

The artwork of COFA's dean, Ian Howard. 23 Feb 2011, 1,171 views

COFA Annual 2010: Design

Who are the next generation of Australian designers? 08 Feb 2011, 5,962 views

The Art of Crossing Borders: Talking Point - Ian Howard

Professor Ian Howard, Dean of the UNSW College of Fine Ar... 01 Feb 2011, 1,389 views

COFA Annual 2010: Digital Media

How do you make a machine into something that explains yo... 14 Jan 2011, 6,318 views

COFA Annual 2010: Fine Arts

Step into an uncanny world with COFAs Fine Art graduates... 11 Jan 2011, 11,440 views

Cyborgs Are Born Not Made

UNSW honours student NIck Atkins on "Cyborgs Are Born Not... 10 Dec 2010, 1,752 views

COFA Talks - Dan Hill: New Soft City

What are the questions that designers should be asking? 08 Dec 2010, 1,813 views

COFA Talks - Daniel Browning: Art and the Media

Why do some artists get so much media coverage and others... 23 Nov 2010, 1,445 views

COFA Talks - Mickie Quick: Why Stuff Doesn't Matter

Street art, culture jamming and why space matters 10 Nov 2010, 1,390 views

COFA Talks - COFA's Mystery Tours at the Biennale

Take the Biennale mystery tour of Cockatoo Island 09 Nov 2010, 1,387 views

COFA Talks - Ian Milliss: Why Stuff Doesn't Matter

Want to culturally innovate? Work outside the art world 22 Oct 2010, 1,666 views

"Memory of You" by Pong Suwannapha

Drama whose narrator is voiced by Gerard Dwyer about a de... 20 Oct 2010, 909 views

"Broke:Kabel" by Tom Phillipson

Kable is the audio project by Tom Phillipson, a Sydney ba... 20 Oct 2010, 884 views

"Note to Self" by Gera Frascardi

14 Oct 2010, 914 views

"Pergamum" by James Hawley

14 Oct 2010, 894 views

"They won't Find Us Tonight" by Ben Nicholson

A music video for the Pave Leclair. 14 Oct 2010, 905 views

"VS" by Raj Muneshwar

14 Oct 2010, 840 views

"How to Play Poker" by Don Buppapirak and Luke Jeffery

A short film examining a game of social dynamics, manipul... 14 Oct 2010, 2,258 views

"Circe" by Anthony Russell

A disturbed young woman with an alphabet fetish is remind... 14 Oct 2010, 810 views

"Battleground" by Jared Pritchard

A music video by Super Nation (Josh Osborne and Jared Pri... 14 Oct 2010, 936 views

"Lonely" by Evelina Wojtaszek

A stop-motion animation 14 Oct 2010, 948 views

"Puppet Maker" by Tim Gaul

The sad story of a puppet's need to take flight from his ... 29 Sep 2010, 1,363 views

"Mada & Eva" by Ming Tung

29 Sep 2010, 852 views

"The Summer of 1984" by Michelle Lau and Quan

A fairy tale written by Michelle Lau and Quan. 29 Sep 2010, 944 views

"Pins and Needles" by Tara Tan

28 Sep 2010, 874 views

The Brakes

28 Sep 2010, 740 views

"Airbags for Balconies" by Sidney Koh Shun Xiang

A music video composed from 4000 over long exposure photo... 28 Sep 2010, 846 views

"Brush Stroke" by Michael Burburan

In an abandoned artist's studio, two brushes magically co... 28 Sep 2010, 915 views

"The Whole Time" by John Turello

A 3D animated exercise produced by the College of Fine Ar... 28 Sep 2010, 827 views

COFA Talks - Dr Phil George: Outside the Anglo Dome

Borders, burkas and the beach: responding to a nation at war 23 Sep 2010, 1,662 views

Was that the Biennale that was?

Reviews from Andrew Frost, Felicity Fenner and Warren Fahey 15 Sep 2010, 1,340 views

COFA Talks - Louise Fowler-Smith: Imaging the Land

Interdisciplinary projects from the middle of nowhere 01 Sep 2010, 1,310 views

COFA Talks - Bonita Ely: The Murray's Darling

30 years along the banks of the Murray Darling 18 Aug 2010, 1,904 views

Creative Approaches to Sustainable Cities

Artists and creative thinkers have converged at the Sydne... 30 Jul 2010, 1,415 views

Jennifer Biddle: The Remote Avant-Garde

Video art and collaboration in Indigenous communities 27 Jul 2010, 3,014 views

A Short History of Art Television

Andrew Frost on the highs and lows of art on the box 26 Jul 2010, 3,033 views

Trent Jansen: Sustainable Design

COFA graduate and lecturer Trent Jansen, on why design an... 07 Jul 2010, 2,142 views

TALKING POINT with Selena Griffith - Sustainable Design

COFA's Selena Griffith on the importance sustainable design. 02 Jul 2010, 2,408 views

This Side of the Frontier

Tess Allas tracks indigenous art in settled Australia 28 Jun 2010, 1,980 views

The abc of Australian Artists Online

Olivia Bolton on documenting art history in the digital age 25 Jun 2010, 2,033 views

A Lesson in Ballen Photography

Roger Ballen's journey in black and white 22 Jun 2010, 10,494 views

Brook Andrew's Jumping Castle War Memorial

Jumping on genocide: a memorial for the overlooked 15 Jun 2010, 5,040 views

Sin of the World: Grayson's Messiah

Richard Grayson gets a country band to play Handel's Messiah 03 Jun 2010, 1,527 views

Kate McMillan: Islands of incarceration

An installation that watches over and haunts an island 02 Jun 2010, 2,739 views

Peter Hennessey's Hubble Space Telescope

How big is it really? And can you make it yourself? 28 May 2010, 4,241 views

Mikala Dwyer: Seance for an Island

Sound, stone and smoke - new work for the Sydney Biennale 28 May 2010, 3,177 views

Venice Biennale 2009 - The Australian Connection

Highlights from the 2009 Venice Biennale featuring work f... 27 May 2010, 1,569 views

COFA Talks - Barnbrook's Typography: A Collection of Curiosities

Jonathan Barnbrook designs for the Sydney Biennale 25 May 2010, 3,984 views

Jennifer Wen Ma: Havoc in Heaven

The Monkey King rides a cloud over the Sydney Opera House 20 May 2010, 3,407 views

Fay Brauer: Dissecting Art, Science and Medicine

A brief history of dissection for art and science 12 May 2010, 2,589 views

Monkey Spoon

Two monkeys, one spoon. Animation from COFA Digital Media... 10 May 2010, 71,021 views

The Extraordinary Gilbert and George

The singing sculptures speak at COFA 06 May 2010, 4,923 views

Gary Carsley: The Laptop Atelier

What do drag kings, parks and IKEA crews have in common? 30 Apr 2010, 2,152 views

The Learning to Teach Online Project

Free professional development resources for online educators 29 Apr 2010, 2,747 views

COFA Talks - Rick Bennett: Creative Outreach

Collaborating online with aid communities across the world 19 Apr 2010, 1,828 views

COFA Talks - Richard Goodwin: Porosity

Revising spaces in the city using public art and parasites 26 Mar 2010, 3,729 views

Felicity Fenner: COFA Went to Venice!

COFA Talks - Curating for the world's biggest art event 19 Mar 2010, 3,065 views

Phoebe Boyle, recipient A.D.F.A.S Prize, COFA

Phoebe talks about the support and benefits of receiving ... 24 Feb 2010, 1,294 views

Julian Beaumont, Donor College of Fine Arts

Julian describes his support for the Fowler's Gap Artist-... 24 Feb 2010, 1,282 views

COFA Talks - Jona Piehl of Land Design Studio

Exhibition design and how to build an Antarctic Ice Station 21 Feb 2010, 3,852 views

COFA Talks - William Burdis: Teaching the Artistry of 3D Animation

Getting ahead in 3D modeling and animation 09 Feb 2010, 2,662 views

COFA Talks - Tomas Roope: Out of the Rumpus Room

On their MTV audition taxi and making a Pet Shop Boys video 03 Feb 2010, 2,307 views

COFA Annual 2009: Across the Discipline

Smoking heads, spilt milk, an office army tank and more 03 Feb 2010, 4,783 views

Ian McArthur speaks at the Studio Teaching Forum

The Collabor8 project between China and Australia 27 Jan 2010, 2,798 views

COFA Talks - COFA Annual 2009: A Sculpture Tour

Take a tour through the COFA Annual sculpture works 03 Jan 2010, 3,027 views

The Past, Present and Future Project

The Dean and the architect discuss COFA's redevelopment 29 Nov 2009, 1,585 views

COFA Talks - Eva Rucki & Sebastian Noel of Troika

The successful art duo on their works Firefly and Cloud 29 Nov 2009, 3,290 views

13 Stingrays

Award-winning animation by COFA student Toby Pedersen. 25 Nov 2009, 30,948 views

COFA Talks - Mark Hauenstein speaks for AllofUs

The maker of the audio shaker, the interactive message bo... 19 Nov 2009, 2,777 views

Nicolas Roope of Poke and Hulger

Balloon races across the internet and a never-ending website 09 Nov 2009, 4,371 views

Brendan Dawes at Magnetic North

To be a better designer, be a more interesting person 09 Nov 2009, 4,585 views

Simon Waterfall's Social Suicide

The brain behind the suits 08 Nov 2009, 6,304 views

The Floating Island

COFA animation 01 Nov 2009, 10,672 views

On The Couch with Ross Harley

Prof Ross Harley from COFA on video art and social media. 29 Oct 2009, 1,619 views

Trent Jansen - 3D Stencil Art

Award-winning COFA graduate and lecturer Trent Jansen on ... 29 Oct 2009, 33,485 views


Animation from COFA student John Turello. 29 Oct 2009, 94,879 views

COFA Talks: John Kaldor and Anthony Bond in conversation

John Kaldor and Anthony Bond in conversation at COFA. 18 Oct 2009, 1,841 views