LTTO Episodes

Welcome to Learning to Teach Online

What are the aims of the Learning to Teach Online project? 26 Oct 2010, 18,465 views

COFA Online Cracks the MERLOT

Learning To Teach Online, a video-based program from UNSW... 02 May 2012, 2,995 views

Why is online teaching important?

What role does online teaching have in our society? 26 Oct 2010, 17,884 views

Conducting effective online discussions

Strategies for creating and sustaining online interaction. 23 Feb 2011, 16,924 views

LTTO MOOC for educators

Free course begins July 2014. Enrol now! Visit https://ww... 17 Apr 2014, 9 views

Managing your time when teaching online

How can you make the most of your time when teaching online? 26 Oct 2010, 11,768 views

Learning management system or the open web?

Key considerations about using an LMS or open social media. 26 Oct 2010, 12,226 views

Integrating online resources into your teaching

Benefit from using online educational resources. 10 Mar 2011, 8,262 views

Planning your online class

Important considerations for planning online curricula. 17 Jan 2011, 12,425 views

Considerations for choosing technology for teaching

Things you must think about before teaching with technology. 10 Mar 2011, 8,167 views

Engaging and motivating students

Spark and sustain students' interest in online learning. 19 Jan 2011, 25,636 views

Online teamwork and collaboration

What benefits can online teaching bring to teamwork? 03 May 2011, 11,076 views

Using audio feedback - Case study

Effectively give student feedback by recording your voice. 26 Oct 2010, 11,289 views

Creating eBooks for distance education - Case study

A quick 'how to' on creating eBooks for use in education. 17 Feb 2011, 6,883 views

Using ePortfolios as a reflective teaching tool - Case study

Using ePortfolios to improve reflective learning practice. 02 Jun 2011, 13,005 views

Hippocrates: Online medical tutorials - Case study

Effectively use online tutorials with face-to-face classes. 26 Oct 2010, 7,537 views

Increasing student engagement using podcasts - Case study

Using podcasts to provide student support and feedback. 17 Feb 2011, 7,242 views

Using Blogs for peer feedback and discussion - Case study

Using blogs for presentation, discussion and peer feedback. 26 Oct 2010, 10,643 views

Teaching using scenario based simulations in Second Life - Case study

The potential of teaching using virtual worlds. 19 Apr 2011, 5,628 views

Understanding Creative Commons - Case Study

Guide to understanding Creative Commons use & registration. 01 Mar 2011, 8,524 views

iLabs: Online access to remote laboratories - Case study

Remotely access laboratories and online learning resources. 26 Oct 2010, 5,467 views

Medicles: User generated online medical tutorials - Case study

User generated, self-assessment learning objects. 28 Apr 2011, 3,253 views

Using Flickr as an online classroom - Case study

How the image sharing site Flickr can be used in teaching. 26 Oct 2010, 9,972 views

Using online lectures to support active learning - Case study

Using online resources to improve engagement. 03 May 2011, 8,331 views

Using wikis for student collaboration - Case study

How can wikis be used to enhance collaborative learning? 21 Mar 2011, 10,162 views

Teaching with web 2.0 technologies: Twitter, wikis & blogs - Case study

Teaching effectively using online social media. 17 Feb 2011, 12,823 views

Online discussions in maths teacher education - Case study

An example of how online discussions can be used in an on... 23 Mar 2011, 3,695 views

Using online environments for teaching large classes - Case study

Online support for teaching large classes. 17 May 2011, 5,600 views

An overview of Second Life

An introduction to the online virtual world. 08 Apr 2011, 2,989 views

Recording audio in Audacity

Record, edit and export audio for podcasts. 08 Apr 2011, 4,841 views

Getting started in Flickr

Learn the basics and some ideas for teaching. 26 Oct 2010, 3,739 views

Twitter basics - Technical glossary

Understand Twitter and use it in your teaching. 27 Apr 2011, 5,293 views

Setting up a simple blog in Blogger

Make your own blog. 26 Oct 2010, 3,914 views

Using the iLabCentral resource

A free resource for science students and teachers. 26 Oct 2010, 3,542 views